Yacht #1 ...

 Oh, woe is me, I've stumbled upon a site that I wish I hadn't ...
 Please be warned, if you're a daydreaming wanderlusty sailor like me I strongly advise you NOT to look at it... you too will be tortured for many long hours

I've been obsessing over renovating a boat interior for some months now after spying a derelict tug that had my name written all over it. Since the owners have decided not to part with it, this will have to do as a substitute...

Built in 1939, this darling old girl served during WWII as an espionage boat for the English Navy in the Mediterranean and is currently berthed in France - With an interior in need of the W&W touch, the necessity to sail her home from France and a scandalous history like that I think we are going to get along just famously! 

A girl can dream ...sigh

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  1. She's a beautiful boat. Full on character. I'm waiting for Monsieur Pirot to step onto the deck.


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